Skills Assessment

There is a very expensive problem currently facing the cyber security workforce.

  • According to IBM’s 11th annual Cost of Data Breach Study, the industry’s gold-standard benchmark research, the average consolidated total cost of a data breach is $4 million
  • Additionally, the study puts the likelihood of a material data breach involving 10,000 lost or stolen records in the next 24 months at 26 percent
  • With a growing, vast employee pool shortage, companies need to retain and obtain qualified cyber security professionals in key job roles

Given those statistics, would you bet $4 million on your employee’s ability to defend your network?

The CYBRScore Skills Assessment is a virtual computer-skills assessment designed to accurately evaluate an organization’s cyber security workforce. A valuable tool for companies, recruiters and professionals alike, the CYBRScore Skills Assessment is mapped to the NIST-NICE framework and uses practical, hands-on scenarios to evaluate one’s mastery of knowledge, skills and abilities.

The CYBRScore Skills Assessment can holistically and quantifiably measure a user’s skills against a defined set of tasks. It provides immediate feedback, follows industry standards, and saves time and money by identifying skill levels for both current and prospective employees.

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