CSX350 – Practitioner Boot Camp

CSX350 – Practitioner Boot Camp

CSX350 – Practitioner Boot Camp is a five-day, intensive cyber security training course focused on more complex, technical cyber skills and scenarios. CSXP Boot Camp is an accelerated alternative to our more comprehensive three-week CSX Practitioner course series.

CSXP Boot Camp is conducted in an adaptive, live cyber lab environment, enabling students to build critical technical skills by learning complex concepts and practice applying industry-leading methods. They will learn to utilize the latest open-source tools within actual, real-world scenarios. CSXP Boot Camp is an ideal way to build complex and advanced technical skills essential for career advancement and will help students in preparing for the CSXP certification exam.

Domains: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recovery.

Target Audience

Individuals with up to five years of experience in a cyber security role and an intermediate technical skill set


Equip students with a comprehensive understanding of issues faced by cyber security professionals, and better prepare students for career advancement