Today’s cyber security proficiency is measured using knowledge-based certification exams

But how does one measure actual ability?

There is an immediate need to close the skills gap in the cyber security field as quickly and efficiently as possible. Traditional multiple choice, knowledge-based examinations and certifications have developed a first phase of measurement, but today’s workforce requires measurements in hands-on skills. In the cyber security realm, performance and results matter most. Students become more proficient and provide better results through performance-based learning and demonstration. When measuring cyber security aptitude, evaluating candidates based solely on their knowledge of cyber theory yields an incomplete picture.

Enter PerformanScore

PerformanScore® is a performance-based scoring platform that uniquely and adaptively measures skills across a range of credible responses to a defined set of tasks, allowing for a consistent and immediate evaluation. More than an emulated testing environment, PerformanScore tracks commands, file changes, configuration changes, and network changes on live systems in real time. Furthermore PerformanScore assesses a user’s actions against grading criteria via an adaptive scoring rubric. PerformanScore maps key knowledge, skills, and abilities into a set of gradable tasks based on a scenario that runs within a virtual environment. The rubric evaluates the user’s approach and proficiency within the environment.

With PerformanScore, learning institutions and certification bodies can evaluate a student’s actual performance and decision-making skills in a live environment, using industry-standard cyber security tools against real-world technical challenges. PerformanScore gets results.

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