CYBRScore platform enables the Up-Skill, Re-Skill, and Training of your Company’s Workforce or your University’s Student Body no matter the size.

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Announces New Cybersecurity Solution

MELVILLE, N.Y. — October 18, 2021 — Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL), a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, announced today, that during its first quarter of fiscal year 2022, it launched a new cybersecurity brand, CyberStronger™.

CyberStronger provides cybersecurity solutions and services tailored to threat monitoring and assessment, training, and workforce development. Offerings include cyber threat detection and management, off-the-shelf and custom training, hands-on skills labs, and competency-based assessments mapped to cybersecurity job roles. The CyberStronger solutions will also include the CYBRScore® set of products that provide hands-on assessments and training to upskill and reskill cybersecurity workforces. These solutions were created by a team of former national intelligence community members who have the practical cybersecurity experience and abilities required to meet the demanding needs of Comtech’s customer base which includes large universities, government entities, and enterprise-level corporations. Additional information about CyberStronger is available at and about CYBRScore® at

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CYBRScore… is one of the few assessment tools available that provides hands-on skills assessments via an on-demand environment.” – CISA Cybersecurity Talent and Assessment Management White Paper

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What is CYBRScore?

A “hands-on” interactive virtual lab environment specifically designed for cyber skills assessment and training. CYBRScore is used to re-skill, up-skill and develop your workforce with mission critical capabilities across various job functions such as Cyber Defense, Incident Response, Malware Analysis, IT, Help Desk, Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Information Assurance & Cyber Forensics.

Below are the operating systems and tool sets covered plus many more:

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What is PerformanScore®?

A performance-based scoring platform that uniquely and adaptively measures skills across a range of credible responses to a defined set of tasks, allowing for a consistent and immediate evaluation. Used in conjunction with the CYBRScore Skills Assessments testing environment, PerformanScore evaluates the real knowledge, Creativity & Skill of the individual.

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Workforce Academy

Whether it’s for your organizational work force or for the new incoming cohort at your Higher-Ed , we have several different types of Assessments for you to choose from before powering-up with CYBRScore. To ensure student success assess their Aptitude & Attitude before enrollment with our Pre-Assessment Tools. Ensure that you’re choosing the right training specifically tailored for each member of your team with our Skill Assessments tools and accurately test & evaluate their skills before entering the CYBRScore Academy.

Connect From Anywhere:

Learn At Any Time:

Connect with Any Machine:

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CYBRScore is a premium, performance-based cyber skills training and assessment provider that quantifies a user’s ability to defend a network.

Leveraging the NICE framework, CYBRScore creates the complete end-to-end experience, delivering targeted, outcome-oriented cyber security training experiences that provide users with confidence to get the job done.

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The CYBRScore Solution

Taking a holistic approach to cyber security, CYBRScore’s comprehensive recommendation begins with our powerful cyber security assessment that looks beyond knowledge-based certifications to provide an accurate evaluation of on-the-job performance. The CYBRScore Skills Assessment tracks one’s activities on virtual computer systems, resulting in an accurate evaluation of performance and decision-making skills.

Following assessment an output report is supplied, detailing current skill level and providing recommendations for where supplemental education is needed. Unlike other cyber security organizations, CYBRScore not only provides educational recommendations, but offers training and education in both classroom and live-online environments to help these hypothetical recommendations become reality.

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With over 30 courses and 400 labs, CYBRScore Academy offers world-class education for knowledge, skills and abilities in the latest cyber security theories, skills, and best practices. We leverage this content, aligning it to the NICE framework and defined job roles, so that it can provide targeted training based on each individual user’s capabilities. 

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CYBRScore is powered by PerformanScore®, our performance-based scoring platform. PerformanScore uniquely and adaptively measures skills across a range of credible responses to a defined set of tasks, allowing for a consistent and immediate evaluation. More than an emulated testing environment, PerformanScore tracks commands, file changes, configuration changes, and network changes on live systems in real time.

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