CYBRScore Academy …. hands-on training for the cyber professionals of tomorrow

CYBRScore is committed to educating cyber security professionals in “hands-on” lab environments on topics including incident response, malware analysis, computer, media and mobile device exploitation, penetration testing and vulnerability assessment, reverse engineering, information assurance and cyber forensics. We believe learning is best by doing, and our students train on the latest cyber security practices and methodologies, whether in a classroom, workplace or at home. Our courses are mapped directly to specific learning objectives from governing institutions and cyber security communities of practice, including DoD Directive 8140.

Our Mission:

With over 30 courses and 300 labs, we provide entry-level through seasoned cyber professionals with world-class education to build knowledge, skills and abilities in the latest cyber security techniques, skills, and best practices.

Our Educators:

We employ cyber security professionals with the practical experience and skills needed to defend an enterprise, and demand that instructors remain current with the latest cyber security certifications and methods to ensure our curriculum remains current and relevant.

Our core team comes from diverse backgrounds including the Department of Defense, defensive cyber organizations and commercial enterprises. All of our educators possess hands-on practical experience and skills beyond what can be learned solely from a book.  More than that, our educators share the intellectual curiosity to constantly ask the why’s and how’s, and have the drive and discipline to discover the answers to those questions.

Why Us?

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