Cyber Aptitude & Attitude Assessment

Career Assessment

People are multidimensional.
Your assessment should be too.

A scientifically developed, objective assessment that incorporates 3 dimensions to uncover the optimal career matches!
Cyber Aptitude & Attitude Assessment

The first empirically-based, fully integrated, multi-dimensional career assessment.

Cyber Aptitude & Attitude Assessment

You are Unique

You need a career assessment that measures more than one aspect of who you are. This does just that.
Measuring up to 35 different factors to create actionable career recommendations.

Reveal what drives you.

Are you a ‘people’ person?
Do you like working with people (or animals as if they are people)?

Just the facts.
Do you like working with information, knowledge, and conceptions?

Is your ‘thing’ things?
Do you like working with machines, tools, equipment, and the hottest new gadgets?

Discover the kinds of work you like.

Are you more interested in Science or Engineering? Business or the Arts?
The Department of Labor organizes occupations in ‘Job Families’. Knowing your Job Family can help you identify jobs you know and jobs you may not know about but may be exciting to learn more about.

Match your skills to careers.

Do you like user friendly technology or are you a friendly user of technology?
Do you like to learn all the features of your smart phone or would rather someone else set it up? Your answer will help guide you to the right jobs.

Get insights into your work styles.

Do like to multi-task or stay focused on one project at a time?
Do you prefer to juggle many tasks at once or focus on one thing at a time? It in important that the job demands are in-line with your preferred work styles, otherwise, you will become stressed at work.

Split-half Reliability

Reliability Coefficients of the Various Scales Within Our Inventory

Coefficient Alpha’s with Spearman-Brown corrections applied were used to determine the reliability coefficients of the various scales. A reliability coefficient had to be computed for each scale as no summing over scales is possible as each is homogenous. The coefficient alpha method provides the mean reliability of all possible split-half reliabilities. The instrument was developed as a power test and therefore allows for this most sophisticated method of determining split-half reliability.

A carefully selected stratified sample was chosen to determine the overall reliability of each scale. The sample was composed of approximately fifty-eight percent females and forty-two percent males representative of age groups from 14 through age 62. The formal education level ranged from grade 8 through grade 17. Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and Whites, both males and females were represented in each group. The sample was also composed of persons raised in the North, East, North Central, Northwest, Southwest, South Central and South Eastern parts of the United States.

N = 738: representative of age 14 through age 62, geographical makeup of the country, education level from grade 8 through 16+, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans and approximately 58% females and 42% males.

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JAWS (Job Access With Speech) Screen Reader

You can use screen readers to take the assessment.


Responsive Assessment

Take the assessment on your desktop, tablet or smart phone.

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